<html> <head> <title>Greg Aidala | Press</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../css/style.css" /> </head> <body> <div class="popup"> <p><b>Albany Times Union</b> (August 16, 2010) - 'Getting to know Greg Aidala'<br /> <span style="font-style:italic; padding-left:10px;">Name: Kareem Abdul Aidala -- kidding, it's Gregory James Aidala <br /><br /> Age: 36 <br /><br /> Where do you live? Loudonville <br /><br /> Why? Because the streets are cleaner than Albany's <br /><br /> What's your work? I've been performing stand-up comedy since 2001 and in 2005 I formed my entertainment company, Radial Gage Entertainment. In 2006, I launched my professional traveling comedy showcase, 'The Brew Ha-Ha' which has been featured in Albany, Saratoga and New York City. <br /><br /> What do you do when you're not working? Spend time with family and friends, travel, read. I also play the guitar and harmonica. <br /><br /> Where did you attend school? HVCC and SUNY Albany <br /><br /> Why do you blog? It's a great way to connect with the community. <br /><br /> What's the best thing about blogging? I can blog in the nude. <br /><br /> What's the worst thing about blogging? Getting caught blogging in the nude. <br /><br /> Your favorite blog comment? I dig all the comments -- nice or not-so-nice. I appreciate readers taking the time to voice their opinions. <br /><br /> Whose blog would you love to read? (Modern day or historical figure): Jesus and Abraham Lincoln <br /><br /> What advice would you give to other bloggers? Don't get caught blogging in the nude. It'll get weird. <br /><br /> Who is your favorite dead comedian? (tie) Jack Benny, Mitch Hedberg and Bill Hicks <br /><br /> Who is your favorite living comedian? (tie) Bob Newhart and Larry David <br /><br /> Worst punch line ever? Anything that comes out of Snooki's mouth on ''Jersey Shore'' <br /><br /> Cool fact about you? I've never had a cavity in my life. <br /><br /> What book are you reading? 'Last Words' by George Carlin <br /><br /> What's on your iPod? Anything by the Doors, Elvis Presley, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course, Justin Bieber <br /><br /> Favorite local blogger? Kevin McCashion (Tea Party Movement) Love him or hate him, that guy has some smart insight on politics -- and sometimes it's funny! <br /><br /> Favorite movie? (tie) "The Wizard of Oz" and "Back to the Future" <br /><br /> Favorite dinner? Penne alla vodka <br /><br /> Favorite article of clothes? My thong underwear -- kidding, my jeans. <br /><br /> Happiest memory? Hard to say with so many. Hmmm, probably being asked to blog for theTimes Union. <br /><br /> Favorite place to get away from it all? (tie) Church, Thacher Park and Yaddo. <br /><br /> Coffee or tea? Tea <br /><br /> Favorite ice cream? Chocolate <br /><br /> Favorite late-night snack? Cereal and yogurt <br /><br /> Your hero? Without question, my father. </span> </p> </div> </body> </html>